Why Choose WordPress?

Are you looking to build a small business website but not sure where to begin? Your initial research may have led you to several options such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento and more. So why should you choose WordPress? 

Here at LS25 Web Design, we have many years of experience in building WordPress websites. Here are our top reasons why we build WordPress websites for our clients:

WordPress is Open Source and Expandable

WordPress is an open-source platform, so you do not have to pay a penny to download, install or upgrade this content management system (CMS). Your website can be customised with functions and features of your choice with the help of over 50,000 WordPress plugins like contact form, slideshows and SEO optimisation. 

At LS25 Web Design, we licence premium plugins to deploy on our clients’ websites at no additional cost.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

All business owners want to rank their website at the top of the search results. WordPress is SEO-friendly right out of the box. Not only is it easy to optimise your WordPress website but the very structure of WordPress is extremely search engine-friendly. The platform has been written using clean code and simple compliance, so it is capable of producing semantic markups. 

The extremely logical and responsive design of WordPress means that search engines have a certain liking for websites built on this platform.

WordPress is Extremely Customisable

Every business is unique and so should be your website. With WordPress you can be sure of a customised website for your business. 

The flexible framework of WordPress meets the requirements of a range of users. This enables web designers and developers to build and modify layouts and applications effortlessly. 

At LS25 Web Design, we have years of experience customising WordPress functionality as well as implementing a range of plugins to meet our clients’ specification requirements.

WordPress is Easy to Use

WordPress began as a blogging service aimed at non tech-savvy users. Therefore, many of the user-interface aspects are easy to use. What’s more, you can also access the recorded and written manuals to learn and understand how to use WordPress features.

Our experienced team will handle all the complex tasks of setting up and customising your WordPress website. You only have to update the content, add new posts, widgets, etc.

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