How to Improve Your Website for the Google Core Web Vitals Update? How to Improve Your Website for the Google Core Web Vitals Update?

Beginning in the middle of July, Google will start using Google Page Experience as an essential signal when ranking websites in its search index. The Google Core Web Vitals Update is a testament to the search engine giant’s continued commitment to deliver the best experience to its user whilst rewarding websites that offer incredible user […]

How to Generate More Leads Online? lead generation

Be it an enterprise, a start-up or a small business, everyone business is looking to do one thing – generate revenue.  Lead generation is the only way to grow your business. When done right, it can help you take your business to new highs.  To generate maximum leads, you will need a lead generation strategy […]

4 Ways a Professional Website can Help Grow Your Business Professional Web Design in Leeds

A professional website can add immense value to your business. When you choose a professional web design agency in Leeds, you can experience a ton of benefits. Here are the top 4 ways a professionally designed website can help grow your business: Create a Lasting Impression A DIY website may look sloppy or amateurish, which […]

How Upgrading Your Website to HTTPS Can Secure Your Website, Boost Rankings and Protect Your Customers! https

Your website is not the first touchpoint many of your target customers will have with your business. What’s more, prospective customers provide a lot of sensitive information at the time of conversion. So, it’s imperative to offer a secure and safe experience to your website visitors.  That’s where an SSL certificate comes into the picture. […]

How to Build Brand Authority with Content marketing? Content Marketing

Establishing your brand as an industry expert is no mean feat, but the bountiful benefits are worth the time, effort and money you invest. When you have established yourself as an authority, prospective customers will intuitively trust you, boosting conversions. This is where Content Marketing comes in. But the big question is: how do you […]

The Benefits of Cloud Telephony for Your Business cloud telephony

Be it a start-up, small business or an enterprise; communication is at the heart of any business. Without an effective way to communicate, a business can struggle, stagnate or even collapse. This is where cloud telephony can help. Your communications with your customers, vendors and partners are complicated to say the least. Managing phone calls, […]

What is Duplicate Content and How it Affects Your SEO? SEO

Duplicate content refers to content that appears on the web in more than one location. So when the same content appears on more than one website, it’s duplicate content. Although duplicate content does not technically attract a Google penalty, it can still affect your SEO and search engines rankings.  It’s important to note that duplicate […]