5 Social Media Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid 5 Social Media Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid

Suppose you’re making social media accounts for your business but don’t use Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms for personal reasons. In that case, you may be stepping on standard social media etiquette without even realising it. Bad social media habits not only make you appear unprofessional, but they can also turn off potential clients. 1. […]

Organic SEO Vs Local SEO? – What’s the Difference? Organic SEO Vs Local SEO? - What's the Difference?

Did you know that over 93% of online experiences begin with search engines?  Whether people are looking to purchase a product, hire a service or find more about a business, they begin with an online search. When you want your website to show up in the search results, it must be optimised for the search […]

Choosing a Web Design Agency – What to Avoid web design agency in Leeds

Did you know that 87% of buyers begin their product searches online?  In today’s digitally connected world, a website is a must-have. If you don’t have a website, you are practically invisible. Worse yet, you are essentially sending customers to your competitors.  But designing a website is no mean feat. You need a reliable, professional […]

Top Web Design Statistics Every Business Owner Should Know

A website is an essential marketing tool for every business. Even if you are a small business owner, a website can do wonders for your business.  Whether you want to promote your business locally or worldwide, a good website can improve your credibility, establish your brand and help grow your business. Getting a website is […]

Don’t Fear the Algorithm Updates, Take them in Your Stride!

If there’s anything that a digital marketer dreads the most, it’s the “Google algorithm update”.  Many digital marketers think of Google’s algorithm updates as their enemy out to take their rankings and traffic.  When Google releases an algorithm update, most digital marketers try to understand how it works to find out its tricks and secrets. […]

How to Ask and Get Good Reviews from Customers?

Customer reviews have weight. Especially positive ones. A few lines in a testimonial can have more sway on customers than a stunning website. A few positive lines and a stellar track of four-star and five-star reviews can make all the difference for your business.  To get those stars and lines, you must ask your clients […]