The Different Types of Branding to Use for Your Business


Organisations must understand the importance of branding as it is one of the reasons behind their business growth or decline. Branding helps a company bring a lasting impact on customers and potential investors. Today, different types of branding can push a business towards success—what are these?

Logo Design

Your logo is the first thing people will see about your brand; therefore, it makes sense you invest time, money and effort into it. It is the face of your company and tells people everything they need to know about your brand.

Your logo’s design shouldn’t only focus on catching people’s attention; rather, they should establish your identity as a brand and demonstrate your business’s core values. This is why a logo design service is essential, as it can help bring your vision to life for an effective and powerful logo design. 

Brand Messaging

Your company’s brand messaging answers the most important questions your target audience have, such as what you can provide them, how your company is different from the competition and why customers should choose you. 

For a powerful brand message, you need to consider crucial factors, such as value proposition, key differentiators, brand principles, target audience 3and product positioning. 

Remember, everything you say out there should have a substance that reflects your brand message. 

Another thing is that a subset of this brand type is brand positioning, which refers to how you set yourself apart from the competition. This is why you need to develop an effective branding strategy that matches your capabilities with your customers’ expectations. 

Brand Voice

What is your brand voice? Establishing a brand voice will solidify your company’s identity. That said, deviating from your brand voice could have an adverse effect on how people see you. In this case, finding the right brand voice for you and sticking with it is crucial to your branding success. 

If you need help identifying what your brand voice should be and how to create it, you can tap into the powers of a branding agency to help you with this. 

Style Guide

When you have found your brand voice, the next step is to ensure your employees follow it with the help of your branding guidelines. A style guide plays a significant role here as it will lay out the brand voice, messaging and design principles in detail. 

The style guide will instruct your partners and staff on the right language they should use in different situations, the colour schemes to use for design layouts and how they can communicate with your audience. 

Social Media Branding

You are aware of the impact of social media in our lives today. That said, as a brand, you need to be able to tap into social media and take advantage of its reach. However, a lot of companies struggle with social media branding. 

Consistency is key here, which means your brand should be consistent across all channels. Find a way to stick to your brand messaging, voice and values while taking advantage of social media.

A Brand that Resonates

Although branding can seem like an intangible aspect of marketing, it is one of the most important components of your marketing plan. Invest in your branding so you can strengthen your identity and message. With a strong branding, you can connect with your market more easily and gain conversions along the way.

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