5 Signs Telling It’s Time to Redesign a Company Website

website redesign

Redesigning a website is a tricky process. It overhauls how a website functions, transports information and responds to users’ needs. As a company website reflects the business itself, it’s crucial for companies to constantly maintain their online platforms to keep up with the changes in the internet. But before reaching out to a website design agency, how do businesses know when it’s the perfect time to redesign a business website from scratch?

1. It’s Not User-Friendly

A successful website design is easy to navigate. It should be simple with the right balance of colours, images, and text. When a business redesigns a website to improve user experience, it has to keep the user in mind. There are many ways to do so.

For instance, it should be easy for users to find the information they are looking for. The design should also display clear contact information and an easy-to-read contact form. The site should communicate what products and services are available, register, and contact the company.

2. Outdated Content

After launching a website, the business may need to update its content. For example, the company’s official spokesperson might have changed, or a new product or service has been launched. When a business redesigns its website, it should update its existing content and make it relevant to the public. In addition, there are many ways to update the content. For example, adding an infographic may make the content more shareable.

3. Not Mobile Responsive

When designing a website, businesses should consider the devices people use to access the internet. As mobile technology has advanced, so has the use of smartphones and tablets. The number of people accessing the internet through mobile devices has increased significantly.

Businesses should redesign their websites to make them mobile-friendly. Keep in mind that a mobile-friendly website will always be making navigating simple, making customers grow fond of using the website all the time. It should also be compatible with all devices to access the site from any device.

4. Presence of Unnecessary Features

Whenever a business redesigns a website, it should bounce back and forth between the content, design, and marketing strategy. It’s essential to look at the content and structure and see how the components relate. If a business is going to redesign a website, it should ensure that it isn’t going overboard with its features.

Businesses should remember that they don’t need to add every possible feature to their website. It’s essential to ensure that the website is simple and easy to use. It doesn’t need to be flashy or overpowering. There is a fine line between adding too many features and adding the right parts at the right time.

5. Outdated SEO Practices

When it comes to SEO, it’s essential to ensure that your website stays optimised to gain more visibility. As a result, a business may want to redesign a website to ensure that it includes keywords within the copy, relevant links, and a compelling call to action at the end of each page.


As a business, it’s essential to have a website optimised for today’s standards. The website needs simple navigation and easy to read and easy-to-use functions. If a business redesigns its website, it should keep these five points in mind and reevaluate its website to ensure that it will help the company grow.

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