Tips on How You Can Make Your Site Look More Professional

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Your company may have the best domain name and enormous potential, but if your website is subpar, potential customers are unlikely to be engaged and will leave your site quickly. Finally, if your website appears unprofessional, it reflects poorly on your company, which can seriously harm your reputation and business plans.

So, how do you ensure that you are projecting the correct image? While there are no hard and fast rules, there are some easy ways to impress your visitors and keep them longer on your page. Here are simple web design strategies to help your company be seen in the best light possible:

Consider Mobile-Friendliness

Catering to mobile consumers has become more important, especially since Google now uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor. With the increasing Internet usage by people with smartphones, mobile-responsive designs are critical in the battle for consumer attention.

If your website doesn’t look good on small screens, you’ll come across as outdated and unprofessional.

Keep It Simple

Having a professional-looking website does not necessitate the addition of flashy elements. Take a look at any luxury retail store with typically less on display and more space to keep the attention on their most valuable products, as opposed to a budget store. Websites can benefit from the same principle.

To convey a sense of professionalism, keep it organised and clutter-free. It will also aid in directing the visitor’s attention to the most important aspects of each page.

Pick an Appropriate Colour Scheme

Colour schemes, like fonts and backgrounds, can significantly impact brand image and the immediate appeal of your website.

Many high-quality brands steer clear of vibrant colours and high-contrast colour combinations. Subtle shades appear more professional and less “cheap.” If you want to look through different colour schemes or create your own, free online tools like Adobe Kuler are ideal for professional and amateur designers.

Use Large Images

Aside from text, images can transform an ordinary-looking page into something unique and impactful.

Undeniably, today’s consumers are more interested when they perceive clear imagery that is consistent with a brand’s overall message. Instead of using stock images, collaborate with a professional photographer if your budget allows.

When you consider how this could affect your credibility in the eyes of potential clients, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Upload a Favicon

Favicons are the tiny icons in the browser tab next to your website name and left of the website name if it is a bookmarked website. They not only help your brand’s image, but they also help your website stand out when someone bookmarks your site.

Use a Suitable Background and Font

A font sets the tone for the rest of your website design. Cheap-looking fonts will likely give an impression that what you are offering is cheap as well, and difficult-to-read fonts will dramatically increase your bounce rate.

On a computer screen, sans serif fonts (without the curly bits) are easier to read, and dark fonts on a white or off-white background are pleasing to the eye.

Take cues from large-brand websites, which use a lot of white space around text to create a sense of luxury and clarity.

Work with the Right Agency

Making changes to a website’s design can be tricky unless you’re a professional. A single coding error can devastate an entire page. Fortunately, many tools available, such as WordPress, allow even a novice to create a website.

However, if you genuinely want to engage your audience, it may be worthwhile to invest in a professionally designed site that people will want to stay on and return to in the future.

When selecting an agency, ensure that they listen to your business goals and that you review their portfolio for previous work. While it may be more expensive at first, a professional design can benefit your business in the long run and provide you with a website that you can be proud of.


Minor changes to your website can sometimes have the most significant impact on your brand reputation. Follow the steps above to make your website look professional, and you will be able to attract the right audience, build a loyal following, and eventually increase sales.

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