The Value of Visuals in E-commerce Web Design

Visuals are everything when it comes to e-commerce stores. No matter what you are selling online, it’s important to include visuals that reflect your product accurately. We are not just talking about product imagery, but we are also referring to the overall visual impact of your website. 

With consumer shopping experiences transitioning dramatically over the past year, it’s even more important to leverage visual aesthetics to your advantage. Here are the important reasons why visuals are an important part of a successful e-commerce website. 

Humans are Visual

In a brick and mortar store, the customer can rely on different senses such as smell, touch and sound to make their decision. However, when shopping online, they have only their sense of sight to bank on when making a decision.

Use visuals to improve the shopping experience of your visitors and make it as interactive as possible. Offer multiple high-resolution images in different angles. You can even include 360-degree clips or lifestyle videography to enhance the experience.

These things will go a long way in ensuring users become familiar with your product, thereby improving your chances of conversions. 

First Impressions Matter

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of first impressions. A stunning e-commerce website with arresting visuals will instantly establish your credibility, helping you to win their trust. 

By ensuring consistency in visual aesthetics across your website, you can improve engagement and ultimately conversions whilst also building a loyal client base. When people land on a poorly designed website, they will leave the site no sooner than they arrived, which will eventually hurt your brand image.

Leverage Image Search 

Quality visuals help improve the user experience, which will eventually affect your search rankings in Google. The images you use and the alt text will improve the relevancy of each page and can help you boost your rankings in the organic search results. 

By using appropriate alt text, you can improve your visibility in Google Image Search, which is another way to generate traffic to your site. 


Did you know that the average conversion rate of an e-commerce website is 2.45%? However, the top 10% e-commerce stores boast a conversion rate of over 11%. The use of quality visuals can help improve the conversion rates on your e-commerce website.

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