Social Media Management: The Modern-Day Branding Process

Social Media Management

At the beginning of this year, the Economist reported that the cost of Covid-19 amounts to $10 trillion. But the emotional toll is far greater than that. This pain is not only the result of losing someone. But it is also brought about by the stress of having to deal with the financial downturn.

This stress is exceptionally high on small business owners. They do not only have to deal with financing issues. But they must handle the problem of how to stretch their budget to finance all aspects of their operations.

With so much on their plate, branding services must be the last thing on their mind. But this is what they need. With the proper methodology, it will convert regular online traffic into paying customers.

It is why many entrepreneurs are taking advantage of social media management. They do so because results are almost instantaneous. If correctly utilised, it can increase the online patrons (followers) of a particular entity. This capability is heaven-sent during this Covid-19 induced recession.

You might brush this off as a temporary hype. But before you do such a thing, kindly listen closely. This article may help keep your company afloat.

You might brush this off as a temporary hype. But before you do such a thing, kindly listen closely. This article may help keep your company afloat.

What Is Social Media Management?

Some marketing gurus consider this as part of their branding services. They do so because they are trying to control the narrative that goes out to the public. Social media management may seem to be the simple process of maintaining your social media account. But it involves skillful manipulation to maintain a good public image.

Nowadays, entrepreneurs designate a person or (sometimes) a whole team to handle their social media. They do this because they usually do not have the time to manage their social media accounts themselves. Having a social media manager means that you do not have to worry about updating your company’s social media accounts.

Why Is It important?

The pandemic changed how consumers behaved. In an article published by Forbes last year, they stated that more people shop online. Experts say that it is not just a passing trend. It is likely to stay.

You should find ways to tap into this opportunity. The best way for you to capture this potential income is to get people to notice you online. Social media is the tool to get this done.

Responding to all inquiries and grievances will already have a good impact on your online presence. Not only that, but it will also lessen the possibility that one dissatisfied customer will share his negative feedback about your company.

Social media management is not like traditional branding services. This tool allows you to see your competitors and the industry in general. This information is priceless because you can apply what you learn in your own business.


The pandemic turned the world inside out. In the process, we learned valuable lessons that cannot be taught in the classroom. But the cost of that information was quite steep. Let us not waste such knowledge.

We may already be at the tail end of the storm brought about by Covid-19. But we still have to deal with the economic downfall. It will need everyone’s efforts to turn things around.

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