Your Ultimate Guide to Website Branding for Your Business

Website Branding

Website design is important to generate leads and conversions. A bad website design could turn away potential customers and lead to loss of potential sales.

One component of website design is website branding. Some businesses may not think too much of the branding of their website. They will be content with just being able to place their logo wherever and be done with it.

In this article, we discuss the importance of proper website branding and tips on how to improve it. Read on to learn more.

The Importance of Website Branding

When it comes to your website, branding is important. This allows website visitors to become more familiar with who you are as a business and what services you offer.

It is important to learn how to strategically place your branding without coming too strong. This will send a message to your customers and will bring awareness to them without bothering them. Website branding can make or break your visibility to potential buyers.

Tips on Website Branding

While you may be content with how you do your branding on your website, you may not be aware that it is unappealing. Check these tips below to learn more about the best practices for website branding:

1. Consistent Logo Size and Ratio

Regardless of where you place your logo online, it is important to keep that size. Constantly changing the size of the logo can be bothersome and show inconsistency.

In the case that you will need to resize your logo, ensure that you are maintaining its ratio. If you end up messing with its ratio, you will have a skewed logo that would look unappealing.

2. Keeping Your Logo Prominent

In case that you are collaborating or you have other brands on your website, make sure that your logo is bigger. Keep your logo standing out among these other logos to show its importance and prominence.

3. Use PNG

Most websites would do better with JPEG, which is the standard format. However, this is an exception when it comes to logos. PNG files can have a transparent background, making it possible to place it wherever and allowing flexibility.

4. Visual Scanning Is Important

Most people who look at websites would start viewing at the top left corner, then to the right, then down. Hence, it is important that you always try to ensure that your logo is consistently found in the top left corner. 

5. Unity with Website Design

How your logo and branding look should also be in harmony with your website design. Try to use the same colour scheme that you have been using with your logo. Additionally, whatever content you are posting should also carry the same tone as your website and branding.

6. Consider Social Media and Other Platforms

If you are considering using other platforms for your branding, you should consider their graphic limitations. How your branding turns out on your website will not be the same somewhere else where you do not have full control. Try to check how it will look on other platforms before finalising.


Website branding is very important in reaching a bigger market. It is also necessary to help with your website’s visibility. Follow our tips above, and you should be able to create good branding for your website in no time.

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